FlavorActiV is the world leader in the training and monitoring of professional tasting panels, and an expert in the supply, monitoring and analysis of sensory systems. Whilst FlavorActiV regularly support all of the 10 largest beverage brand owners globally, FlavorActiV's multi-lingual team provide the same sensory expertise to craft professionals, enthusiasts and beginners all over the world.

From the worlds only pharmaceutical facility dedicated to the production of flavour reference standards, FlavorActiV produces its encapsulated flavour references to Pharmaceutical Quality GMP Standards. These flavour standards are used directly within liquid foods or beverages to impart a taint, off-note or positive flavour for the purposes of training and maintaining the abilities of professional tasters.

FlavorActiV’s multi-lingual trainers deliver sensory training with FlavorActiV’s Pharmaceutical Quality GMP Flavour Standards. Once trained, most sensory panels are then regularly monitored by FlavorActiV’s proprietary taster proficiency software, in use by 50,000+ tasters globally.

A fully trained and monitored sensory tasting panel brings human validation to the detailed analytical outputs of sensory instruments. The considered combination of both human and instrument sensory is where FlavorActiV adds huge value and mitigates risk for brand owners.

Over 20 Years of Sensory Excellence

The Industry Standard

FlavorActiV Pharmaceutical Quality GMP Flavour Reference Standards are used the world over to train beverage sensory panels as they learn how taints, positive and negative flavours can influence quality and brand expectations. Once a panel has undergone its initial training the flavour standards are used to maintain their abilities in double blind proficiency testing, supported by FlavorActiVs proprietary taster software.

FlavorActiV produces its industry leading encapsulated flavours in its state-of-the-art pharma facility designed from the ground up at the direct request of its global customers as they looked to move away from inferior food grade ‘certified flavour standards’ to GMP Pharma quality, a standard that ensures safe, stable, traceable, consistent and long shelf-life products. The MHRA audited facility is located near Liverpool in the UK.

Sensory Proficiency & Taster Validation

FlavorActiV’s Sensory Proficiency service 'Taster Validation' helps beverage producers maintain excellence in sensory panels and improve beverage quality. Sensory proficiency is known under many names in different beverage sectors; validation, calibration and proficiency, but all of these have a single purpose;

The idea is simple; blind tasting packs are sent out to sensory panels around the world at specified times, used to assess and train panels abilities through a series of different tests. Panel leaders then update the results, and immediately are presented with a detailed breakdown of individual and panel performance across the entire organisation. The data can be broken down and presented in a multitude of ways, using the detailed demographic information stored on every taster to increase understanding and learning. Quick and easy to use, but an incredibly powerful tool to understanding what is needed to maintain the quality of tasters, and the end products that customers see.

Today it is used by many of the largest beverage companies and breweries in the world, and ensures sensory panels are performing to the best of their abilities. More than 3,000 sensory panels are enrolled, with a total of more than 50,000 sensory participants, meaning it is the biggest such programme in the world and the only one to use pharmaceutical grade GMP Flavour Standards.

After the initial investment of training, maintaining peak performance in a quick and convenient way will ensure beverage quality remains high. Taster Validation is an advanced programme that is designed for professional sensory panels, either within a single organisation or across multiple.

Sensory Systems

From sensory training by FlavorActiV's highy experienced, multi-lingual tasting panel trainers to Tasting Services, Integrated Sensory Plans and Portable Sensory Booths. FlavorActiV provides a range of different services to enhance your beverage and product quality.

Sensory Instruments

We believe sensory excellence is achieved when the analytical computing power of an optimised instrument is combined with the skill and knowledge of a trained tasting panel.

Our instrument division manages Beer Drinkability, maintaining freshness with ESR technology.

We automate the analysis of IBU levels in beer to ensure a consistent and efficient bitterness measurement method.

Whilst providing world class ‘ActiV Online’ support to optimise performance, manage instrument calibration and provide remote technical support to labs globally.


Identify actionable areas for improvement throughout the brewing process with the Micro ESR and FlavorActiV's Beer Freshness Package.

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Automate IBU measurement

The IBULyzer® is an at-line beer analyser developed by direct demand of the beer industry. The analyser automates the manual isooctane extraction method for bitterness tests on anumber of sampling points.

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